Process Optimization in Manufacturing Industries Using Simulation Technologies

Olanrewaju M. Okuyelu *

California State University, Northridge, United States.

Bakhtiyar Doskenov

California State University, Northridge, United States.

Remilekun Aribike

California State University, Northridge, United States.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The industrial application and importance of simulation technologies for process optimization in manufacturing industries cannot be underestimated. Adequate monitoring of raw materials processing to finished products and their conveyance to the end users is required together with profits and cost optimization to ensure the company attained the set goals. Thus, it is imperative to adopt the use of simulation-based optimization tools. This paper succinctly discussed the  importance of simulation-based optimization technologies as effective techniques in manufacturing industries. The concept of process optimization, simulation and simulation techniques as related to manufacturing were discussed. Various techniques of simulation-based optimization in manufacturing were presented. These include Monte Carlo simulation, discrete event simulation and system dynamics. Also, typical examples of manufacturing optimization techniques were stated. These include Just-in-Time, statistical process control, total quality management, six sigma, value stream mapping and computer numerical control. Various applicable areas of simulation-based optimization technologies in manufacturing were also addressed.  However,  resistance  to change, lack of expertise, lack of data, unintended consequences, over-reliance on technology and insufficient testing are the associated problems to simulation-based optimization in manufacturing. In conclusion, relevant simulation-based optimization technologies should be adopted by various manufacturing companies to ensure profit maximization while still keeping the chain between production of good and supply to customers intact.

Keywords: Process optimization, simulation techniques, scheduling, sequencing, technology, monte carlo simulation, manufacturing, industrial engineering

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Okuyelu, Olanrewaju M., Bakhtiyar Doskenov, and Remilekun Aribike. 2024. “Process Optimization in Manufacturing Industries Using Simulation Technologies”. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology 43 (4):31-41.


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