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2020 - Volume 39 [Issue 28]

Integrated Performance of Fenton Process and Filtration (Activated Charcoal and Sand) for Textile Wastewater Treatment

Md. Sabbir Hossain, Protima Sarker, Md. Shiblur Rahaman, Md. Khabir Uddin

Page: 21-31
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Influence of Number of Suckers in Ratoon Crop on Yield and Quality of Malbhog (AAB) Banana

Rupshree Borah, D. N. Hazarika, Supriya Langthasa, Hemanga Das

Page: 32-42
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Diversification Strategies among Rural Farm Family Households in Different Agro-climatic Zones of J&K Union Territory, India

Rakesh Nanda, A. K. Singh, Rajinder Peshin, L. K. Sharma, Parvani Sharma

Page: 56-64
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Evaluation of Rice Husk Ash Pozzolan on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Cement Matrix Composites

Acodji V. Pamphile, Doko K. Valéry, Olodo E. T. Emmanuel, Datchossa Tiambo Abbas

Page: 1-11
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Entrepreneurial Behavior of Sericulture Farmers in Tamil Nadu

S. Nandhini, A. Rohini, D. Murugananthi, V. Anandhi

Page: 12-20
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Variable Effects of Silicon on Salt Tolerant Indices in Rice Genotypes at Seedling Stage

Rinny Swain, Surabhika Panda, Gyana Ranjan Rout

Page: 43-55
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Impact of Doubling Farmers’ Income on Area, Production and Productivity of Pulses in India

S. B. Ramya Lakshmi, Priyanka Patra, K. C. Gummagolmath

Page: 73-86
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Role of Farmer Producer Organization Post COVID in Marketing of Perishables in Karnataka

G. Basavaraj, Ashok S. Alur, Itigi Prabhakar, M. Manjunath, G. Shashibhushana, S. Kumar, K. J. Parameshwarappa

Page: 65-72
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Role of Precision Farming Development Center (PFDC) Hyderabad in Plasticulture

Ibrahim Kaleel, M. Uma Devi, K. Chaitanya, B. Srinu, . Deepika

Page: 87-96
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Determinants of Mobile Fintech Uptake in Kenyan Microfinance Sector

Jecinta Muthoni Ndungu, Christopher A. Moturi

Page: 102-114
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Title Analyzing the Effect of Different Doses of Cycocel and Maleic Hydrazide on Growth and Flowering of Tagetes erecta L. cv. Pusa Narangi Gainda (African Marigold)

Kefayatullah Wasiq, Satya Prakash, Bijendra Singh, Rajat Singh

Page: 97-101
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Genotype × Environment Interaction of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) Genotypes for Phytochemical and Agronomic Traits

Rashmi Kumari, Randhir Kumar, Shirin Akhtar, R. B. Verma

Page: 115-135
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