2015 - Volume 5 [Issue 5]

Short Research Article

Analysis of Shipyard Accidents in Turkey

Ahmet Ilyas Yilmaz, Fatih Yilmaz, Ugur Bugra Celebi

DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2015/14126

Page: 472-481

The Effect of L-Buthionine Sulfoximine on the Toxicities and Interactions of As, Cd, Hg and Pb and their Composite Mixture on MCF 7 Cell Line

Charles K. Klutse, Egbe S. Egiebor, Isoken T. Aighewi, Ali B. Ishaque

DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2015/13509

Page: 510-519

Original Research Article

Evaluation of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Water by Using Physico-chemical Analysis in the City of Ibb, Yemen

Esmail Al Sabahi, Fadhl Ali Al Nozaily, Sameer Abdullhafez

DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2015/12282

Page: 425-435

Optimization of Solvent Extraction of Parinari polyandra Benth Seed Oil Using Response Surface Methodology

T. J. Afolabi, K. R. Onifade, V. O. Akindipe, T. E. Odetoye

DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2015/10747

Page: 436-446

Using Digital Relays for Improved Power Transformer Differential Protection

D. C. Idoniboyeobu, D. M. A. Bob

DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2015/10832

Page: 482-489

An Effective ODAIDS-HPS Approach for Preventing, Detecting and Responding to DDoS Attacks

Rajalakshmi Selvaraj, Venu Madhav Kuthadi, Tshilidzi Marwala

DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2015/13386

Page: 500-509

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