Soil Test Based Micro-Nutrient Application and Its Profitability in Pulse Production: A Micro-Evaluation Study of Bhoochetana Scheme

. Sagar, Mahin Sharif, Murtuza Khan

Page: 27-33
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Perception of Specialist Agriculture Officers towards Agricultural Credit- A Comparative Study between Public and Private Sector Banks in Tamil Nadu, India

C. Muralidharan, R. Senthil Kumar, S. Selvanayaki, R. Gangaiselvi, R. Pangayar Selvi

Page: 34-39
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Analysis of Trends, Growth and Instability in Rice Production in Andhra Pradesh

G. P. Sunandini, K. Solmon Raju Paul, Shakuntala Devi Irugu

Page: 40-46
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Recombinant Coat Protein of Banana Bract Mosaic Virus as a Potential Antigen for Serological Detection of the Virus

Darsana Dilip, Vimi Louis, Pallavi Sabharwal, H. S. Savithri, P. M. Namitha, K. Anita Cherian

Page: 47-60
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Impacts of Urban Expansion on Welfare of Expropriated Peri-Urban Communities of Hossana Town, Southern Ethiopia

Sara Shikur, Jema Haji, Tekle Leza

Page: 81-93
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Interaction Pattern of Buffalo Farmers with Information Providing Stakeholders in Haryana

Kamal Kumar, Mahesh Chander, V. B. Dixit, Hema Tripathi

Page: 1-10
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Influence of Plant Densities and Nitrogen Levels on the Performance of Popcorn Hybrid

Y. Siva Lakshmi, D. Sreelatha, T. Pradeep

Page: 11-19
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Performance Evaluation of Drip Irrigation System and Profitability Analysis of Leafy Vegetables under Polyhouse

A. Kishore, Y. Siva Lakshmi, Nithin Deshai, R. Savitha Rathdo, J. Surya Prakash

Page: 20-26
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Improved Synthesis of Flavonoids by Simulation of Nargenine Chalcone Biosynthetic Reaction

Mamta Sagar, Pramod Wasudev Ramteke, Ravindra Nath Katiyar, Shameem Ahmad

Page: 61-80
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Characterization of Wind Profile over Wheat and Mustard Canopies under Sole and Intercropped Conditions in Lower Gangetic Plain of Eastern India

Sarika Jena, Pramiti K. Chakraborty, Pintoo Bandyopadhyay, Rajib Nath, Prodip Kumar Chakraborty

Page: 94-104
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