Effect of Certain Rootstocks on Vegetative, Reproductive Growth and Yield of Cashew Cultivars

P. Janani, J. D. Adiga, D. Kalaivanan

Page: 1-11
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Selection of ISSR Primers to Study the Genetic Diversity of Myrciaria floribunda O. Berg

Luiz Sergio Costa Duarte Filho, Danielson Ramos Ribeiro, Allison Vieira da Silva

Page: 23-28
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Role of Barrier and Intercrops in the Management of Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus (MYMV) Disease in Jharkhand, India

Praveen Kumar, S. M. Prasad

Page: 29-36
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Effect of Organic Source of Nitrogen on Growth, Yield and Economics of Baby Corn

P. P. Kharche, T. S. Bhondave, A. C. Sawant

Page: 66-75
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Constraints in Coconut Value Chain – A Framework for Analysis Using Response Priority Index

K. Kalidas, K. Mahendran, K. Akila

Page: 76-82
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Socio-economic Impact of Climate Change, Adaptation and Determinants of Willingness to Pay for Crop Insurance in Central Agro-climatic Zone of Afghanistan

Meraj Sarwary, S. Senthilnathan, A. Vidhyavathi, S. Kokilavani

Page: 83-92
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Variations in Soil Urease and Dehydrogenase Activities as Determined by Diuron, Pyrithiobac Sodium and Quizalofop Ethyl Applied to Cotton Cultivated in Red and Black Soils

Md. Mifta Faizullah, T. Ramprakash, T. Anjaiah, M. Madhavi

Page: 103-111
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Assessment of Selected Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus Resistant Varieties of Okra in Rabi Season of Chatra District in Jharkhand, India

Dharma Oraon, Anjani Kumar, Ranjay Kumar Singh, U. K. Singh, Zunaid Alam

Page: 112-115
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Influence of Packaging Materials on Storage Quality of Supplementary Food Mix

S. Arokiamary, R. Senthilkumar, S. Kanchana

Page: 134-145
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Non-destructive Estimation of Spinach Leaf Area: Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network Based Approach

Naveen Kumar Mahanti, Subir Kumar Chakraborty, V. Bhushana Babu

Page: 146-153
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Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of Manufacturing Companies in Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

Samuel Gemechu, Sintayehu Fiseha, Minda Yirga

Page: 154-162
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Domesticating and Commercialisation of Indigenous Fruit and Nut Tree Crops for Food Security and Income Generation in the Kingdom of Eswatini

Emmanuel N. Kunene, Kwanele A. Nxumalo, Menzi P. Ngwenya, Michael T. Masarirambi

Page: 37-52
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Soil Carbon Pools, Carbon and Nitrogen Storage Pattern in Soil Aggregate Fractions under Long-term Application of Organic and Synthetic Fertilizers in Rice-Wheat System: A Review

Shipra Yadav, R. K. Naresh, . Vivek, M. Sharath Chandra, N. C. Mahajan

Page: 53-65
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Identification and Relevance of E-readiness Assessment Tools for ICT Use in Agriculture

Ayushi Pal, Dharminder Singh, R. K. Dhaliwal

Page: 93-102
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Recent Advances in Packaging and Edible Coating for Shelf Life Enhancement in Fruit Crops

T. Adhikary, S. Singh, A. Sinha, P. P. S. Gill

Page: 116-133
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