Effect of De-blossoming Treatments on Physical Characteristics of Different Mango Varieties during Off-season Fruit Production under South Gujarat Conditions

A. D. Chaudhary, T. R. Ahlawat, D. R. Bhandari, Dharmishtha Patel

Page: 1-6
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Spatial Variability of Nitrate Levels in Groundwater of Lokoja Town, Kogi State, Nigeria

A. L. Odoma, M. I. Ocheri

Page: 7-11
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Management of Leaf Blight Disease Caused by Alternaria polianthi in Tuberose

M. R. Ravikumar, D. K. Harish, B. H. Kumara, Amarendra Kumar

Page: 12-17
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Decision-making Skills among Managers Employed in Public and Private Organizations of Udaipur City, India

Pooja Arya, Hemu Rathore

Page: 18-22
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Using Agrochemicals in Farming and Its Ecological Impact in Rural Areas in Eastern Bankura of West Bengal

Moumita Dey Gupta, F. H. Rahman, Kalyan Mitra, Arup Dey, Shubhadip Dasgupta

Page: 23-30
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Interactions of Thymine and Uracil with Copper, Cobalt and Silver Ferrocyanides and the Implications in Chemical Evolution

Davendradat Doodnauth, Brij Bhushan Tewari

Page: 31-43
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Evaluation of Pre-mix Fungicide, Fluopyram and Trifloxystrobin 250SC against Purple Blotch Disease of Onion in Karnataka

M. R. Ravikumar, D. K. Harish, B. H. Kumara, Amarendra Kumar

Page: 44-50
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Identification of Meteorological Drought Characteristics and Drought Year Based on Rainfall Departure Analysis

Ankit Kumar, Kanhu Charan Panda, Mohammad Nafil, Gaurav Sharma

Page: 51-59
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Correlation and Path Analysis of Yield Components in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Irrigated and Reproductive Stage Drought Stress Condition

Sadia Perween, Anand Kumar, Fariha Adan, Jitesh Kumar, Prince Raj, Anil Kumar

Page: 60-68
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SARIMA Modelling and Forecasting of Monthly Rainfall Patterns for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

S. Kokilavani, R. Pangayarselvi, S. P. Ramanathan, Ga. Dheebakaran, N. K. Sathyamoorthy, N. Maragatham, R. Gowtham

Page: 69-76
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Field Test Analysis of Straw Reaper Combine for Optimized Operating Condition to Improve the Performance

Shukla Prabhakar, Nandi Subhasis, Shau Parmanand, Patel Anurag, Tripathi Himanshu

Page: 77-86
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Development and Evaluation of Low Cost Drip Filter

Balaji Kannan, N. Janani, S. Thangamani, A. Selvaperumal

Page: 87-94
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Some Challenges in the Reintegration of Ex-offenders for Appointment as Directors in Botswana

John Mukuna

Page: 95-101
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Selection Criteria for Identification of High Yielding Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Genotypes under Aerobic Cultivation

Ramya Rathod, B. Soundharya, Firdoz Shahana, P. Jalender Naik, Y. Swathi

Page: 102-109
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Incidence and Susceptibility Pattern of Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Selected Teaching Hospitals in Southwest Nigeria

I. A. Azeez, S. L. Owolabi

Page: 110-114
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