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Design and Construction of a Solar Water Heater for Environmental Sustainability

James Inyang Ekpo, Paschal Ikenna Enyinna

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-15
DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2017/31820

This research work involves the design and construction of a solar water heating system with 2.3 msolar collector area proposed to extract enough solar energy to raise the temperature of 0.075 m3 of water by 34°C based on the available solar window to Port Harcourt. This solar heating device is made of the solar collector and storage tank connected with inlet and outlet pipes. This solar system is insulated at the bottom and sides against thermal energy loses, with the front covered with glass which allows solar energy absorption and reduces thermal energy loses by convection. The solar system was tested within the days of optimum solar window for about 3 hours. The ambient temperature, inlet temperature and outlet temperature were observed to vary from 37 to 44°C, 41 to 42°C and 71 to 76°C respectively. This test result gave a maximum temperature rise of between 30°C and 36°C as proposed. Our designed solar system has the capability of providing boiled water for domestic and other uses and at the same time, is very environmental friendly.

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Landscape Project for a School Garden: The Case of SAIK High School, Isparta-Turkey

Candan Kus Sahin, Anil Anil Evci1

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2017/33009

School gardens are a space and tool for students to be healthy development. Students spend a large part of their day at school. In this sense, the garden of Sehit Ali Ihsan Kalmaz (SAIK) High School was redesigned with the requests of the Provincial Special Administration of Isparta City, Turkey. The project has aimed to explore the relative importance of the schoolyard and the educational philosophy adopted by the school. Therefore, the current structure of schoolyard was carefully analyzed, and some interviews were organized with the school administrators, teachers, staff and students. After the determining demand, needs and expectations, the assessments have begun to issue a site project. After that, a landscape project prepared including for not only general school garden activities such as ceremony events or recreational facilities, but also supporting educational activities with ecologic approaches. However, some restoration and redesigned of current structures have also been considered for improving garden properties.

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Phenolic Compounds Enhanced Low Temperature Stress Tolerance in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Yogendra K. Meena, D. S. Khurana, Nirmaljit Kaur, Kulbir Singh

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/cjast/2017/v20i38927

Low temperature stress adversely affects plant growth and development and it directly affects the yield and quality of tomato. Phenolic compounds have been implicated to mitigate cold stress. Therefore an experiment was conducted to find out suitable concentration of phenolic compounds to ameliorate effect of low temperature stress in tomato under open field conditions during winter season of 2014-15 and 2015-16. The average minimum temperatures were below 10°C from December 15 to February 15 for both the years of study. The experimental plants were given foliar application twice, first  15 days after transplanting followed by another spray after a fortnight of phenolic compounds viz., salicylic acid, sulfo salicylic acid, benzoic acid, methyl salicylic acid and acetyl salicylic acid  at different concentration, i.e., 0.1 mM, 0.5 mM & 1.0 mM in order to evaluate their effect on morphological, yield and quality traits. Based on two year study,  its  observed that low temperature significantly reduces  the growth traits (plant height, number of branches, number of leaves, shoot and root length, and total biomass of plant), yield attributes (days to 50% flowering, fruit weight and fruit yield) and quality parameter (total soluble solid), however  there was an increase in titrable acidity and ascorbic acid. On the hand, application of phenolic compounds significantly enhanced the growth, yield and TSS, while, decreased titrable acidity and ascorbic acid under stress. Two years study has confirmed that phenolic compounds protect plants against low temperature stress and enhanced production of tomato with an increase in the yield and quality contributions attributes. Among the treatments, SA (1.0 mM) was found as most effective to enhance low temperature stress tolerance in tomato.

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Technology Acceptance Theory and Its Modeling of Advertising: Traditional Advertising or Mobile Advertising

Ramachandran Ponnan, Azween Bin Abdullah

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-16
DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2017/32898

Consumers select and enjoy media content in accordance to their state of psychological needs. They are exposed to a variety of content in which advertisements constitute a sizeable mix. While audience’s interest is situated in the main elements of program content, they come across interesting advertisements serendipitously. It is not so much the content but the technologies the devices carry that stimulate audience’s interest in advertising. Consumers’ preference toward advertising has been shifting from one media platform to another in search of the optimal opportunities presented by their devices. Such possibilities become attractive from a combination of convenience, functionality, and accessibility to consumers. The convergence of technologies has now placed sophisticated multimedia devices in to the palms of consumers with numerous social media apps. At the same time advertisers have gone niche to serve the unique preferences of audience. The study focus is on the growing shift in consumers’ usage of technology in accessing content using mobile devices. The study attempts to offer a theoretical proposition that the acceptance of technology by consumers is driving advertising through mobile devices. An online survey of 180 young respondents was conducted to understand mobile users’ preferences for mobile advertising. Findings show that mobile users have yet to embrace mobile  advertisement. Sixty four percent of the respondents did not view the mobile advertisements that appear on their mobile phone. They were more responsive to traditional media compare to mobile advertisement. However, the study also shows that there is a growing preference for technology driven mobile advertisements.


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Physicians Knowledge of Radiation Risk in Prescribing CT Imaging in Moroccan Hospitals

Slimane Semghouli, Bouchra Amaoui, Abdenasser El Kharras, Abdelillah Shaim, Oum Keltoum Hakam, Abdelmajid Choukri

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2017/32491

Aims: This study aims to assess physicians’ knowledge on patients’ radiation protection during their computed tomography (CT) scan prescriptions.

Materials and Methods: A standardized questionnaire in multiple-choice format consisted of four sections with a total of eight questions based on the literature review. A total of 153 (59%) completed questionnaires were returned from six different hospitals in Morocco.

Results: Only 38% of prescribers took into account the ratio benefit/risk related to x-rays. Just 10% of doctors explained the risk related to x-rays to the patients. One out of four physicians has correctly estimated the effective dose received by patient during a CT scan of abdomen pelvic examination. 63% of physicians underestimated the lifetime risk of fatal cancer attributable to a single CT scan of the abdomen pelvic. Only 14% of practitioners have received formal training on risks to patients from radiation exposure.

Conclusion: The present study demonstrated the limited knowledge of radiation exposure among Physicians’ and Residents and this can be improved through educational and training programs.

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Dualities between ''Kamal & Mahgoub Integral Transforms'' and ''Some Famous Integral Transforms''

Nidal E. Hassan Taha, R. I. Nuruddeen, Abdelilah Kamal H. Sedeeg

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2017/32380

Abdelilah Kamal and Mohand Mahgoub recently introduced new integral transforms separately by the names the “Kamal transform” and “Mahgoub transform” to facilitate the solution of differential and integral equations. However, in this paper, these newly introduced integral transforms will closely be studied in relation to the some existing famous integral transforms defined in the time domain. The study will also try to establish the duality relations existing between these new integral transforms and in particular, the Laplace, Sumudu, Elzaki and Aboodh integral transforms. Further, supporting illustrations obtained from some test functions as examples are will be presented.

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Study the Important Parameters Affecting Performances of P3HT: PCBM Organic Solar Cells

Ourida Ourahmoun, Mohammed Said Belkaid

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/BJAST/2017/31714

Aims: Organic solar cells were realized and characterized. The structure of the device is Glass/ Transparent conducting oxide/ poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulfonate)/ poly(3-hexylthiophene): : [6,6]-phenyl-C61-buytyric acid methyl ester/ Aluminum  (Glass/ TCO/ Pedot:Pss/P3HT:PCBM/ Al). Where P3HT: PCBM is used as active layer. The J(V) characteristics and the parameters of the cells as function of concentration of the blend of the active layer, the thickness of the active layer and the type of substrate are given.

Study Design: Theoretical study of the performances of organic solar cells is given. Followed by an experimental study. The cells were realized and characterized.

Place and Duration of Study: Laboratory of Advanced Technologies of Genie Electrics (LATAGE) Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Mouloud MAMMERI University (UMMTO), BP 17 RP 15000, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria.

Methodology: We discuss general mechanisms leading to generation and transport of charge carriers and parameters which govern the behavior of organic solar cells.

The absorption spectra of P3HT: PCBM is measured using SAFAS 200 instrument for different temperatures. Solar cells were realized and characterized as function of different parameters: transparent electrodes, concentration of the active layer and thermal annealing.

The current density characteristic results for the cells realized were compared for two substrates (indium tin oxide (ITO) and Fluor doped tin oxide (FTO)) and the concentration effect of the blend is studied. The decay of performances of these devices in the time is due to the degradation mechanisms which are a result of diffusion of H2O and Ospecies through the organic layers. 

Results: The current density characteristic depends on various parameters, the type of the substrates, the concentration of the blend, thickness of active layer and thermal annealing.

Conclusion: Our study shows that the performances of the organic solar cells depend on different parameters. In order to improve the performances of the cells, optimization of the concentration and thickness and the use of transparent electrodes with high transmittance and high conductivity must be used.