The Role of Cloud Computing in Personalized Medicine: A Systematic Review

Temiwande Esho *

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Oluwafunto Ayeni

Indianapolis University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), United States of America.

Oluwafunsho Lasisi

South Western Oklahoma State University, United States of America.

Olorunmaiye Peter

University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This review critically examines the role of cloud computing in personalized medicine, employing a systematic literature analysis methodology. The study involved a comprehensive search and evaluation of scholarly articles from academic databases and journals, focusing on publications within the last decade. Key terms such as "cloud computing", "personalized medicine", "genomic data management", and "patient-centric healthcare technology" guided the literature search. The study illuminates the significant role of cloud computing in revolutionizing personalized medicine. It highlights the importance of cloud computing for managing large-scale genetic data and individualized patient care, as well as its role in enhancing patient-centric care through innovations like cloud-fog diagnostics. Challenges in data security, privacy, and ethical considerations are acknowledged, emphasizing the need for robust governance and compliance. The future of cloud computing in personalized medicine is poised for growth, with immense opportunities for innovation, yet accompanied by challenges in data management and healthcare equity. The ongoing evolution of cloud computing in healthcare promises substantial advancements, albeit with a need for careful consideration of its complexities to fully realize its potential.

Keywords: Cloud computing, personalized medicine, internet of medical things (IoMT)

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Esho, Temiwande, Oluwafunto Ayeni, Oluwafunsho Lasisi, and Olorunmaiye Peter. 2024. “The Role of Cloud Computing in Personalized Medicine: A Systematic Review”. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology 43 (3):1-8.


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