Clean Energy Access and Productive Use by Bottom of Pyramid Clients in Ethnic & Tribal Areas of Odisha: An Appraisal

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Shiv Sankar Das
Debashree Debadatta Behera
Siba Prasad Mishra
Gautam Pradhan


Ending poverty and ensuring sustainability are the defining challenges of the recent times. Energy has the answer to both [1]. Surged right of entry to the modern energy uses  is perilous but a positive  support to human and their economic expansion through uninterrupted delivery of energy amenities for elementary needs to support both prolific uses and generating employments. Access to modern energy Services like electricity, natural fossil and coal gases, cooking hydrocarbons and wood fuel, etc. are essential for value-added health and agrarian yield [2]. This paper discus on actionable research undertaken for improving the quality of life of countryside individuals (mainly scheduled tribe areas) in some districts of southern zones Odisha by using clean energy systems.

Clean energy, BOP clients, solar lights, photovoltaic gadgets, tribal areas, South Odisha.

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Das, S. S., Behera, D. D., Mishra, S. P., & Pradhan, G. (2020). Clean Energy Access and Productive Use by Bottom of Pyramid Clients in Ethnic & Tribal Areas of Odisha: An Appraisal. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(36), 38-50.
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