Studies on Physio-Chemical Properties of Value Added Herbal Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Candy

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Konche Jahnavi
Saket Mishra


A field experiment was conducted during year 2019-2020 at the Post Harvest Laboratory of Horticulture Department, Naini Agricultural Institute, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Prayagraj to study “Studies on physio-chemical properties of value added herbal papaya (Carica papaya L.) candy”. The experiment was conducted in Randomized Block Design with ten treatments, replicated thrice. Total number of treatments were ten viz. (T0 (Control)- 70% sugar), (T1-Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 0.5% tulsi),( T2 -Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 1.0% tulsi), (T3 -Raw papaya + 70% sugar +1.5% tulsi), (T4 -Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 0.5% cardamom), (T5 -Raw papaya + 70 % sugar + 1.0% cardamom), (T6 -Raw papaya + 70 % sugar + 1.5% cardamom), (T7 -Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 0.5% lemon grass), (T8 -Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 1.0% lemon grass) and (T9 -Raw papaya +70% sugar + 1.5% lemon grass). The treatment T6 (Raw papaya + 70 % sugar + 1.5% cardamom) was found superior in respect of parameters like total soluble solids (85.78 °Brix), Titrable acidity (1.29), PH (5.05), flavour score (9.00), taste score (9.00) and overall acceptability score (8.50). Benfit-cost Ratio was found highest (1.64) in the treatments (T1 - Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 0.5% tulsi), (T2 - Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 1.0% tulsi), (T3 - Raw papaya + 70% sugar +1.5% tulsi) and (T7 -Raw papaya + 70% sugar + 0.5% lemon grass).

Herbal Papaya candy, sugar, tulsi, cardamom and lemon grass.

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Jahnavi, K., & Mishra, S. (2020). Studies on Physio-Chemical Properties of Value Added Herbal Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Candy. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(33), 95-101.
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