Application of 3-4-5 Rule in Agriculture: A Review

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K. Pramanik
Priyadarshani P. Mohapatra
Chinmaya Jena
Duvvada Sarath Kumar


Layout is a precious component in Agriculture. Layout has pivotal and unique role not only in Agriculture sector but also applicable for manufacturing and construction sector. In agriculture, starting from field bond construction, irrigation channel preparation, dam construction, orchard development, farm pond making to greenhouse construction, layout is utmost important. Modern Agriculture based on Precision Farming where layout plan is important consideration without which, it is difficult to manage different components precisely. Pythagorean Theorem is the meticulous way to obtain accuracy in measure of layout. Otherwise, it endorses serious drawback in modern concept farming as it is more complex than age old traditional farming.  At present day, ignorance among the farmers, students, research persons, technical personnel and others, create a great limitation of this formula to be used in agriculture sector. Hence, this article is documented about important practical uses of 3-4-5 rule in various aspects of Agriculture.

3-4-5, right angle triangle, orchard, layout, Euclidean.

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Pramanik, K., Mohapatra, P. P., Jena, C., & Kumar, D. S. (2020). Application of 3-4-5 Rule in Agriculture: A Review. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(31), 37-41.
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