Sustainable Irrigation through Renovation of Pond: A Case Study on Change of Crop Production, Irrigation, Cropping Pattern and Cropping Intensity Level in Sub Himalayan Terai Region of India

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Ganesh Das
Sankar Saha
F. H. Rahman
Surajit Sarkar
Sujan Biswas
Sandip Hembram
Prashanta Barman
Samima Sultana
Bikash Roy
Bablu Ganguly


Terai region of West Bengal fall under high rainfall region but 90% rainfall occurs in kharif season and drought observed during rabi season.  NICRA project started in the Cooch Behar District during 2011. The project area and plan of work were selected on the basis of participatory rural appraisal method. The experimental trial was conducted from 2011 to 2019. The objective of the experiment was to development of sustainable irrigation system through renovation of pond and its impact on crop production. It was found from the study that pond renovation has potential impact on increasing crop yield, cropping intensity, copping system and area of irrigation.

Drought, irrigation, NICRA, experimental trial, sustainable, pond renovation, cropping intensity, copping system.

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Das, G., Saha, S., Rahman, F. H., Sarkar, S., Biswas, S., Hembram, S., Barman, P., Sultana, S., Roy, B., & Ganguly, B. (2020). Sustainable Irrigation through Renovation of Pond: A Case Study on Change of Crop Production, Irrigation, Cropping Pattern and Cropping Intensity Level in Sub Himalayan Terai Region of India. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(21), 7-18.
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