Financial and Production Constraints faced by Women Entrepreneurs

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N. Suganthi
M. Asokhan


Women, who try to enter the field of industry in either managerial or entrepreneurial role, are generally exposed to various constraints. Though the entrepreneurial process is the same for men and women, there are however, in practice, women have to confront many additional problems of varying dimensions and magnitudes, which prevent them from realizing their full potential as entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs experience multidimensional constraints. The governments at the centre and the states have established a number of specialized institutions to cater to the needs of women entrepreneurs but they still face many problems. At this juncture, the constraints faced by women entrepreneurs were studied as one of the objective. This objective was to ascertain the financial, production and labour constraints faced by women in their enterprise. To achieve the purpose of the study, 40 registered women entrepreneurs in Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) were identified in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu. Series of questions were asked through well structured interview schedule. Evidence in the paper shows that the most serious financial constraint faced by women was, that the entire loan was not given at a time (65.00%). In production and labour, most serious constraints faced by women entrepreneurs were labour management in various essential activities (92.5%). Methodology and design not clarified here. No recommendations The ex post - facto type of research was employed. Proportionate Random sample method” was adopted to select the respondents from the four Entrepreneurial Hubs. Women should attend training programs, seminars, workshop and conferences Related to develop professional competencies in managerial, leadership, marketing, financial, production process, profit planning, maintaining books of accounts and other skills.

Women, entrepreneurs, constraints, financial, production, labour

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Suganthi, N., & Asokhan, M. (2020). Financial and Production Constraints faced by Women Entrepreneurs. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(21), 1-6.
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