The Novel Coronavirus Disease-COVID-19: Pandemic and Its Impact on Environment

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Mayur Gautam
Sneha Kumari
Shrestha Gautam
Ranjay Kumar Singh
R. S. Kureel


The global disturbance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a number of effects and impacts on human beings and environment. The widespread coronavirus has caused diminishment worldwide in human lives and financial movement, inspite of the fact that typically major cause for concern, the inclining down of human movement and intervention shows a positive effect on the environment and climate. Industrial and transport outflows effluents have decreased measurable data bolsters the clearing of toxins and contamination in the air, soil and water. This impact is additionally in differentiate to carbon outflows, which was shot up by 5 percent after the worldwide financial related crash over a decade prior. As a result of boost investing on fossil fuels utilize to kick begin the worldwide economy. Water bodies have too been clearing and the Yamuna and Ganga as well as other rivers have seen critical advancement since the authorization of across and complete nationwide lockdown from 23rd March to 3rd June, 2020 as well as partial lockdown thereafter. Concurring to the real-time water observing information the normal water quality of 27 focuses of the Ganga seen in later days is reasonable for washing and proliferation of natural life and fisheries.

Apart human lives, it has also been discussed that how to save our nature and environment by lockdown habit and guidelines need to be issued by Central Pollution Control Board disposed of precautionary material like gloves, mask, sanitizers and biomedical waste of medical health centers and quarantine centers.

Corona virus, COVID-19, environment, climate, wildlife, pollution, pandemic

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