Contribution to Improving the Quality of Traffic in Mobile Networks

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Onyonkiton Théophile Aballo
Roland Déguénonvo
Antoine Vianou


Today, mobile networks are faced with congestion which results in regular slowness given the variation in the actual speed of the network, that is to say the time required to transmit all of the data from a point to another. In third and fourth generation mobile networks, actual throughput is not directly measurable, it actually consists of three separate indicators, latency, jitter and loss rate. Many studies have shown that these parameters have a particular influence on congestion problems. In practice, the effective speed on the network is inversely proportional to the latency. However, the bit rate is four times the latency. Next, jitter is the variation of latency over time, impacting the flow by influencing latency. In this article, we have examined the analysis of traffic congestion in third and fourth generation networks in order to make a comparative study of the congestion rate for good decision-making.

Congestion, latency, mobile networks, throughput.

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Aballo, O. T., Déguénonvo, R., & Vianou, A. (2020). Contribution to Improving the Quality of Traffic in Mobile Networks. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(1), 21-28.
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