SE-LTL Model-checking on Timed GRAFCETS via ε-TPN

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Médésu Sogbohossou
Rodrigue Yehouessi
Tahirou Djara
Theophile Aballo
Antoine Vianou


The GRAFCET standard (IEC 60848) is one of the convenient formalisms used to specify the behaviour of the automated systems. Being just a semi-formal language, the usual practice is to go through an unambiguous formalism such as time Petri net (TPN) in order to validate a specification expressed by a GRAFCET model. In this paper, we propose how to perform model-checking on a GRAFCET model translated into a ε-TPN, specifically with State-Event Linear Temporal Logic (SE-LTL). Especially, we provide a way to take into account quantitative time constraints verification by integrating observers in the ε-TPN intermediate model, since TPN state-space abstractions do not allow directly such kind of model-checking.

GRAFCET (IEC 60848), Time Petri Net (TPN), model-checking, SE-LTL, observer.

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Sogbohossou, M., Yehouessi, R., Djara, T., Aballo, T., & Vianou, A. (2019). SE-LTL Model-checking on Timed GRAFCETS via ε-TPN. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 38(6), 1-12.
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