Role of Farm Women in Sustainable Livelihood Pattern in Context of Information Needs

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Shashikant Divakar
Chandan Kumar Panda
Anil Paswan


This study is to analyze information sources and information needs of women farmers of Banka and Bhagalpur district of Bihar. The research was undertaken for assessment of information needed for young farm women of age group of 18-35 years with respect to kharif paddy cultivation. Useful Information is the pivotal for successful kharif paddy cultivation. In the study area young farm women contribute immensely in kharif paddy cultivation.  Information helps in creating awareness about technologies and mobilize people to use them. It also helps in training people, organizing community and ultimately resulting in the development of the whole nation. Result of the study illustrated that farm women need more information about selling of product, pest control, nursery raising and disease management. The study also revealed that the most preferred source of information was personal localite i.e. Husband, Friend, Relatives and Neighbors and agri-input dealers.

Information, kharif, pest control, personal localite.

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Divakar, S., Panda, C. K., & Paswan, A. (2019). Role of Farm Women in Sustainable Livelihood Pattern in Context of Information Needs. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 38(6), 1-5.
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