Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation in a Nigerian Distribution Network Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

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Gafari Abiola Adepoju
Sunday Adeleke Salimon
Hassan Adedapo Aderinko
Akeem Olawale Bisiriyu


The optimal placement and sizing of Distributed Generation (DG) using has been shown by researchers to be effective in the reduction of power losses and improvement of voltage profile on a radial distribution network. However, it has not been applied to solve the inherent problems of real Nigerian distribution network. Therefore, this paper aimed at optimal placement and sizing of DG using Cuckoo Search Algorithm (CSA) in a real Nigerian distribution network taking Ayepe 34-bus as a case study.

The objective function was formulated considering the real power loss, the minimum Voltage Stability Index (VSI) and the reactive power loss using weight method. The formulated objective function was incorporated into the CSA. Power flow analyses were performed with line and load data of Ayepe 34-bus distribution network without the incorporation of DG for the base case, with incorporation of single DG and two DG units.

The total active power loss, minimum VSI and total reactive power loss for the base case were 0.762 MW, 0.4741, 0.146 MVar respectively. The optimal size and bus location after single DG installation were found to be (3.5 MW, 11) respectively while the optimal size and location for the two-DG units’ installation were found to be (2.4 MW, 13; 1.4 MW, 21), respectively. With single DG unit, the total active power loss, minimum VSI and total reactive power loss were 0.141 MW, 0.9064 and 0.027 MVar respectively. For two-DG units, the total active power loss, minimum VSI and total reactive power loss 0.131 MW, 0.9287 and 0.025 MVar respectively.

The results established the effectiveness of the optimal placement and sizing of DG for the Nigerian distribution system in terms of reduction of power losses, improvement of voltage stability index and profile using CSA technique.

Distributed generation, radial distribution network, cuckoo search algorithm, real power loss, voltage stability index, reactive power loss.

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Abiola Adepoju, G., Adeleke Salimon, S., Adedapo Aderinko, H., & Olawale Bisiriyu, A. (2019). Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation in a Nigerian Distribution Network Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 38(6), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/cjast/2019/v38i630406
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