Land Suitability Evaluation for Rubber in the Tropical Humid Region of Kerala, India

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M. Chandrakala
R. Srinivasan
K. S. Anil `Kumar
K. Sujatha
Rajendra Hegde
S. K. Singh
H. R. Nirmala


Aims: To assess the suitability of the rubber in Elamdesam block, Idukki district, Kerala.

Place and Duration of Study: Soil survey done and soil samples were brought from Elamdesam block, Idukki district, Kerala, India in the year 2016 and laboratory characterization and suitability assessment was done during 2017 in National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Regional Centre, Hebbal, Bangalore

Methodology: Soil suitability of rubber in Elamdesam block has been worked out in two steps. In the first step suitability criteria for rubber crop have been evolved with the help of existing literature with special reference to a tropical humid region of India. Emphasis was placed on land characteristics or land qualities which determine the limitations. Together, these diagnostic features (limitations) determine soil suitability when matched with crop or ecological requirements. In the second step, the defined suitabilities are shown on soil maps according to the map legend (soil composition) to prepare a relative suitability map for rubber in Elamdesam block.

Results: Results revealed that rubber is moderately suitable in the area constituted 23.4 per cent of the total with the limitation of root restriction, soil fertility, topography and soil texture. Marginally suitable in 20.75 per cent of the total geographical area with the limitation of topography, root restriction and soil fertility and 20.23 per cent of the total area is unsuitable with the limitation of depth to water table and root restriction in the Elamdesam block.  

Conclusion: More than 60 per cent of the total geographical area is under rubber cultivation in Elamdesam block, Idukki district, Kerala apart from soils are having the limitation of root restriction, soil fertility, topography, depth to water table and soil texture.

Land suitability, evaluation, rubber, tropical humid region, Kerala.

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Chandrakala, M., Srinivasan, R., `KumarK. S., Sujatha, K., Hegde, R., Singh, S., & Nirmala, H. (2019). Land Suitability Evaluation for Rubber in the Tropical Humid Region of Kerala, India. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 35(5), 1-9.
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