Battery Powered RC Boats: A Review of Its Developments for Various Applications

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C. Z. Eugene
J. J. Lim
Umar Nirmal
Saijod T. W. Lau


This paper presents a review of the developments in the battery powered remote control (RC) boat for various applications. In recent time, RC boat stands no more a mere toy or instrument that is solely used for a hobby. Various researches into the applications of RC boats have been undertaken in recent years and its performance has been a continuous growing concern for society. Many researchers have also exerted strenuous efforts into modifying the shapes and materials that are used to manufacture the boat hull, in order to improve its efficiency. In lieu to this, this paper provides information on different types of boat hulls and their characteristics. Knowing the fact that the performance of the RC boat has been directly affected by its component parts such as the motor, ESC, rudder, propeller and others, the paper highlights an overview of the RC boat’s basic components and its setup. Owing to the review works presented, future research is proposed which may open new research pathways to the subject of interest.

RC, boats, hull, applications, electrical, electronic, setup, future research

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Eugene, C. Z., Lim, J. J., Nirmal, U., & Lau, S. (2019). Battery Powered RC Boats: A Review of Its Developments for Various Applications. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 33(5), 1-29.
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