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2020 - Volume 39 [Issue 21]

Quality Assessment of Groundwater in the Vicinity of Coir Retting Areas of Kadinamkulam Estuary, South India

Sonu Sasidharan, D. S. Jaya

Page: 118-128
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Evaluation of Promising Sugarcane Clones in Plant Cane against Natural Infection of Pokkah Boeng Disease

Jalender Porika, Swathi Yellagoni, Eshwara Reddy, Rakesh Gojuri, Swapna Naguri

Page: 129-134
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Sustainable Irrigation through Renovation of Pond: A Case Study on Change of Crop Production, Irrigation, Cropping Pattern and Cropping Intensity Level in Sub Himalayan Terai Region of India

Ganesh Das, Sankar Saha, F. H. Rahman, Surajit Sarkar, Sujan Biswas, Sandip Hembram, Prashanta Barman, Samima Sultana, Bikash Roy, Bablu Ganguly

Page: 7-18
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Financial and Production Constraints faced by Women Entrepreneurs

N. Suganthi, M. Asokhan

Page: 1-6
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Evaluation of Heritability and Genetic Advance for Morphological Traits of Indian Mustard Germplasms

Dinesh Awasthi, Vimlesh Kumar Tiwari, V. S. Kandalkar

Page: 39-47
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Assessment of Gene Action for Grain Micronutrient Content, Yield and Yield Contributing Traits in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Ashutosh Kumar, Avinash Kumar, N. K. Singh, Rajesh Kumar, . Nilanjaya, S. K. Singh, Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Aman Tigga, . Banshidhar

Page: 56-63
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Study on Soil Nutrient Status According to Global Positioning System in Different Blocks of Birbhum District of West Bengal

Subrata Mandal, Mrinmoy Karmakar, F. H. Rahman

Page: 64-70
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Production Potentials of Pearl Millet Based Crop Sequence as Influenced by INM, Dates of Sowing and Fertilizer Levels in Southern Telangana Zone

N. Nalini, K. P. Vani, K. B. Suneetha Devi, P. Surendra Babu, S. Narender Reddy

Page: 92-103
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Acquisition and Retention of Knowledge about Animal Feed Technologies in Veterinary Medical Education

. Aparna, S. K. Kansal, Jaspal Hundal, H. K. Verma, Jaswinder Singh

Page: 104-111
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Socio Economic Analysis of Broiler Farms in Perambalur District of Tamil Nadu State

M. Kandeeban, S. Praveena, Raj Shravanthi

Page: 112-117
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Soil Carbon Stock and Pools in Acid Sulphate Soils of Kerala

R. Gladis, K. R. Dhanya, Biju Joseph, B. Aparna, M. R. Rehana

Page: 135-147
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Mode of Action of Anti-diabetic Phyto-Compounds Present in Traditional Indian Plants: A Review

Divya Jain, Kiran Bains, Neerja Singla

Page: 19-38
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Insights into the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2: Transmission, Genome Composition, Replication, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Rubi Gupta, Ricky Raj Paswan, Richita Saikia, Basanta Kumar Borah

Page: 71-91
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