Image Processing Approach to Determine the Severity Level of Tuberculosis

N. Auwal, Ibrahim Goni, Danladi Ali, U. Christopher Ngene, I. Manga

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Vehicular Fleet Expansion and Accidents Variation Numbers: A Contribution to the Analysis of the D. Pedro I-Tamoios Exporter Road Axis

Estevão Brasil Ruas Vernalha, Sônia Regina da Cal Seixas, João Luiz de Moraes Hoefel

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Physico-chemical Characterization of Granulated Sugar from Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) Inflorescence Sap Cultivars and Sugar Cane in Côte d'Ivoire

Okoma D. Muriel J., Assa. Rebecca. R., Konan K. Jean-Louis, Konan. N. Ysidor

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Study of Effect of Cowpea Biscuits Supplementation on Nutritional and Cognitive Development of Malnourished Pre-school Children

Vandana ., Preeti ., Archana Kushwaha

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Integrated Nutrient Management of Hilly Soil of Meghalaya Cropped with Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Rupabakor C. Warjri, Dipankar Saha

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Spatial Variability of Heavy Metals in Surface Water and Sediment in the Kolo Creek Water Body in the Niger Delta of Nigeria and Geochemical Factors that Influence their Interactions Using Geo-accumulation Index

Abinotami Williams Ebuete, Andy Etta Bisong, Okereke Chukuma, Lucky E. Ndiwari, Ibim Yarwamara Ebuete

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Phenotypic Characterization and Molecular Phylogenetic Relationship of Erysiphe necator Infecting Grapes (Vitis vinifera)

Marimuthu Karthick, Ayyanar Kamalakannan, Varagur Ganesan Malathi, Vaikuntavasan Paranidharan, Uthandi Sivakumar, Mathiyazhagan Kavino, Nagaraj Gowrisri

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Innovative Extension Approach for Sustainable Agricultural Development: WhatsApp Groups for Farming Solution

I. Isaac Devanand, I. Merlin Kamala

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