Application of Moringa in the Removal of Salts from the Desalinator Reject

A. J. Gomes Filho, S. C. de Paiva, G. M. C. Takaki, A. S. Messias

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Assessing Perceived Prevalence of Deception in Organizational Communication

Ritu Mittal Gupta, Varinder Randhawa

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SAR Calculations of Novel Dual-band PIFA for Mobile Phone Applications

Rasha Ali, M. I. Ahmed, Walid S. El-Deeb, A. A. Shaalan

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Vermicomposting of Banana Pseudostem and Maize Fodder (Waste) Using Eudrilus eugeniae

H. C. Parmar, Vinod B. Mor, Sunil R. Patel

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Two-dimensional Electrical Resistivity Tomography of Bitumen Occurrence in Agbabu, Southwest Nigeria

O. F. Ogunlana, O. M. Alile, O. J. Airen

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Farmers’ Network Analysis on Diffusion and Adoption of CAU-R1 Variety in Imphal East District of Manipur

S. S. P. Jyothi, Loukham Devarani

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Analysis of the Atriplex Subjected to Claroideoglomus etunicatum and to the Desalinator Reject

C. F. de Melo, E. W. F. Gomes, J. P. Oliveira, J. G. Fernandes, A. S. Messias

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