The Influence of Weather on Students’ Academic Performance in Kashim Ibrahim College of Education, Maiduguri, Nigeria

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A. K. Monguno
M. A. Jimme
H. A. Monguno


This study investigated the influence of ambient temperature on academic performance of a cohort of 259 students of Kashim Ibrahim College of Education, Maiduguri over a three year period i.e. from the year of their matriculation to completion. The students were randomly selected from four departments of the college. The achievements of these students (GPA) at the end of each semester examination that roughly coincided with hot and cool seasons were collected beginning from their matriculation year in 2010 through 2013 (graduation year). Additionally questionnaires instrument was used to gauge the perceptions of the students’ performance in the two seasons at the end of the final year. Student’s t – test statistic was used to compare the performance of students in the two semesters. Results generally showed significant differences between the two seasons in terms of students’ performance in the first and third years (p <0.001) while no significant differences could be established in the second year (p >0.001). Disaggregated data on the basis of departments however showed significant difference only with respect to the two science courses (Agriculture and Integrated Science) while the two humanities courses (Social Studies and English Language) showed no significant difference (p >0.001). Although most students preferred academic activities during cool season, chi squared test of the association between sex, place of origin and duration of stay in Maiduguri and performance did not show any significant difference (p >0.05). It was recommended that academic activities be staggered to emphasise early morning and evening activities during hot weather to improve teaching and learning. Other measures recommended include decongestion of classrooms, provision of adequate ventilation, the use of white colour paint in school buildings and improvement in electricity supply to schools.

Academic performance, students, temperature, weather

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Monguno, A. K., Jimme, M. A., & Monguno, H. A. (2017). The Influence of Weather on Students’ Academic Performance in Kashim Ibrahim College of Education, Maiduguri, Nigeria. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 23(4), 1-9.
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