Acute Oral Toxicity of a Herbal Gut Function Modulator

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Sunil Hajare
Ranjit Suresh Ingole
Sunidhi .
Ravikanth Kotagiri
Bhaskar Ganguly


The current study was designed to evaluate the acute oral toxicity potential of AV/AGP/30 (M/s Ayurvet Limited, Baddi, India) according to OECD 423 guidelines. AV/AGP/30 is a polyherbal gut function modulator in swine and poultry. Nine female Swiss albino mice were used for the study. Each animal served as its own control. Following the oral administration of the test substance, the animals were observed for manifestation of toxic effects and deaths. No toxic effects or mortalities were observed. The estimation of biochemical parameters (AST, ALT, ALP and creatinine) and histopathological studies also did not reveal any significant findings. Hence, AV/AGP/30 was found to be safe for use.

Acute oral toxicity, AV/AGP/30, OECD 423, safety, limit test

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Hajare, S., Ingole, R. S., ., S., Kotagiri, R., & Ganguly, B. (2020). Acute Oral Toxicity of a Herbal Gut Function Modulator. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(4), 58-61.
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