Usage of Information and Communication Technologies among Agrarian Youths of Manipur, India

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Mayanglambam Victoria Devi
Loukham Devarani
R. J. Singh
L. Hemochandra


The present study aimed at analysing the usage of ICTs by the agrarian youths of state Manipur, India. The locale of study was Imphal-West district of Manipur, from where 120 respondents have been randomly selected from six villages of the two sub-divisions viz., Patsoi and Wangoi. The study delved into examining whether the socio-economic profiles of youths have any significant dependence with the utilization of different ICT tools viz., Radio, T.V., Mobile Phone, PC/Laptop, Internet and Information Kiosk. The major findings of the analysis reveal that ‘Attitude towards ICTs’ has significant dependence at 5% level of significance with the utilization of Radio. The variable ‘Education’ has significant dependence with the utilization of television at 10% level of significance. The utilization of PC/laptop by respondents had significant dependence with ‘Education’, ‘Attitude towards ICTs’, ‘Cosmopoliteness’ and ‘Social participation’ at 1% level of significance. With respect to utilization of Internet by agrarian youths, the variables, namely ‘Education’, ‘Attitude towards ICTs’, ‘Cosmopoliteness’ and ‘Social Participation’ have significant dependence at 1% level of significance. Pertaining the utilization of information kiosks by respondents, the variable ‘Age’ has significant dependence at 1% level of significance. Lack of infrastructural facilities to access ICTs was the most profound constraints faced by agrarian youths of Manipur.

ICTs, youths, utilization, agrarian, constraints.

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Devi, M., Devarani, L., Singh, R. J., & Hemochandra, L. (2019). Usage of Information and Communication Technologies among Agrarian Youths of Manipur, India. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 38(6), 1-10.
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