Integrated Nutrient Management of Hilly Soil of Meghalaya Cropped with Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

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Rupabakor C. Warjri
Dipankar Saha


Irrespective of treatment combinations total N, available P2O5, K2O and S decreased with the age of potato crop. However, changes in organic C in soil showed an opposite trend of results. Irrespective of treatments, organic C content increased with increase in the period of crop growth. Pooled data of two years revealed that comparatively higher amount of total N, available P2O5, K2O and S is accumulated in soil at maturation stage of potato which received recommended doses of N, P and K along with FYM at 10 t ha-1 as well as biofertilizer and S at 40 kg ha-1(T9). Statistical analysis of the results also revealed that T9 treatment is significant with respect to control. Results thus pointed out that balanced and proper dose of fertilization increased available nutrient contents in soils.

Integrated nutrient management, organic carbon, available macro nutrients, potato, hilly soil.

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Warjri, R., & Saha, D. (2019). Integrated Nutrient Management of Hilly Soil of Meghalaya Cropped with Potato (Solanum tuberosum). Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 37(3), 1-9.
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