Review on Research and Developments of Sinks for Various Applications

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Wong Wei Syuen
Umar Nirmal
M. N. Ervina Efzan
Ammar Al Shalabi


In 21st century, kitchen sink is no longer a luxury for a house but has become a necessity. Human nowadays are pursuing for an advance kitchen sink with multiple function and ergonomic to the user. This work is a dedicated review on the design evolution of sinks from year 1973 till 2016. According to the patents review from year 1973, kitchen sink or faucet with multiple functions compiled with ergonomic features are invented and improved in its design from time to time. The patents discusses on the stand alone sink, portable basin that can be packed, use of flexible braided metal hose, sensor operated faucet, foldable kitchen sink and others design features which is crucial to the user. As part of an initiative to predict user needs in the future, future research on state of the art design and development of a smart ergonomic sink for home applications has been included in this work.

Sink, faucet, invention, multipurpose, automatic, basin, ergonomic

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Syuen, W., Nirmal, U., Efzan, M. N. E., & Shalabi, A. (2019). Review on Research and Developments of Sinks for Various Applications. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 35(3), 1-26.
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