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2019 - Volume 38 [Issue 6]

Effect of Ethephon and Storage Temperature on Physico-chemical Changes during Ripening of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Cv. Neelum

Er. K. Lavanya, D. Bhaskara Rao, L. Edukondalu, R. Lakshmypathy, V. Srinivasa Rao

Page: 1-11
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Evaluation of the Proximate and Functional Properties of Flours from Brown Variety of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Seeds

Ijeoma M. Agunwah, Ijeoma A. Olawuni, Juliana C. Ibeabuchi, Anthonia E. Uzoukwu, Serah O. Alagbaoso

Page: 1-8
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Studies on Genetic Variability Parameter under Artificial Epiphytotic Condition for Leaf Rust in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Ashutosh Kumar, Yashavantha Kumar Kakanur, Suma Biradar, Srinivas A. Desai, T. N. Satisha, Bhumika N. Patel, D. A. Deepak, Aman Tigga

Page: 1-7
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Predicting the Output of a Hydraulic Ram Pump

Krishpersad Manohar, Anthony Ademola Adeyanju, Kureem Vialva

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Usage of Information and Communication Technologies among Agrarian Youths of Manipur, India

Mayanglambam Victoria Devi, Loukham Devarani, R. J. Singh, L. Hemochandra

Page: 1-10
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In vitro Evaluation of Bacterial Endophytes for Biocontrol of Pythium aphanidermatum and Plant Growth Promotion in Setaria italica L. Grown in Seedling Trays

M. Raveendra Reddy, M. K. Shivaprakash, S. Adithya

Page: 1-14
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Non-contact Tonometry Versus Pachymetry Corrected Intraocular Pressure: Any Difference? A Case for Pachymetry during Glaucoma Screening

E. Awoyesuku, A. A. Onua

Page: 1-7
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Phytochemical Screening for Antioxidant Properties of Germinated Foxtail Millet

Jelang Jelku D. Sangma, W. Jessie Suneetha, B. Anila Kumari, K. B. Suneetha Devi

Page: 1-6
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Evaluation of Organic Nutrient Supplements and Bioaugmenting Microorganisms on Crude Oil Polluted Soils

David N. Ogbonna, I. K. E. Ekweozor, Renner R. Nrior, Festus E. Ezinwo

Page: 1-19
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Economics of Makhana Production and Socio-economic Profile of Makhana Growers in Bihar

Ravi Atal, Shridhar Patil, R. K. Sohane, Ram Datt, Suborna Roy Choudhary, S. N. Singh

Page: 1-5
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Adaptation and Impact of Zero Tillage Technology for Wheat Cultivation in Eastern Region of Bihar

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Sanoj Kumar, R. K. Sohane, S. K. Pathak, S. Raghawan, Shridhar Patil, Arvind Bhai Patel

Page: 1-7
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Comprehensive Socioeconomic and Demographic Profile of Farm Households in West Bengal, India

G. Samba Siva, D. S. Gupta

Page: 1-11
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Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization of Endophytic Bacteria Isolated from Banana

G. Ragavi, M. Muthamilan, S. Nakkeeran, N. Kumaravadivel, U. Sivakumar, A. Suganthi

Page: 1-10
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Shelf Life Extension of Banana (Musa spp.) using Hexanal Formulation as a Post-harvest Dip

I. Muthuvel, S. Srivignesh, P. Mutharasu, M. Kavino, K. S. Subramanian

Page: 1-12
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Climate Resilient Water Management Practices for in situ Moisture Conservation

Kiran Kumari, Anjani Kumar, Sanjay Pandey, Nityanand .

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Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation in a Nigerian Distribution Network Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Gafari Abiola Adepoju, Sunday Adeleke Salimon, Hassan Adedapo Aderinko, Akeem Olawale Bisiriyu

Page: 1-12
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Effect of Centrifugal Force on a Porous Anisotropic Medium in Rotation, Saturated by a Non-Newtonian Fluid

Vodounnou Edmond Claude, Ahouannou Clément, Semassou Guy Clarence, Sanya A. Emile, Dègan Gérard

Page: 1-10
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DUS Characterisation of Advanced Recombinant Lines of Kalanamak Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Using Morphological Descriptors and Quality Parameters

Banshidhar ., Priyanka Jaiswal, Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Indra Deo

Page: 1-8
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Screening of Chickpea Genotypes for Resistance against Fusarium Wilt

Sanjeev Kumar, Sangita Sahni, Birendra Kumar

Page: 1-6
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Genetic Divergence Studies for Morphological Traits in Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] over the Environments

Vikas Khandelwal, A. Keerthika, Meenakshi Dhoot

Page: 1-7
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